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Our mission is to connect the global commercial property market
one dataset at a time. We like to think in layers.

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The Leading Big Data Property Intelligence Platform

DealX provides access to an unparalleled level of property data in Europe by layering public and private data sources to capture the most accurate data footprint of each individual property asset. We are experts in layering, integrating and exchanging property market data.

Our clients leverage the DealX platform by accessing increased market intelligence through:


DealX Base

Live Portfolio Intelligence Dashboard


DealX DB

Direct Access to the DealX Combined Database

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DealX BASE, Asset & Spatial Intelligence

Take a Wider View of Portfolio Risks and Opportunities

DealX Base provides combined market and big data intelligence centred on the assets in your portfolio through one powerful dashboard experience. Transform your ability to consume, interpret and act on data around your assets.

•  Enhance Risk and Opportunity Awareness
DealX Base maximises live data intelligence around your entire portfolio, allowing you to track risks and opportunities for every asset.

•  Improve Data Visualisation
Analyse data relevant to your portfolio including market rents & pricing, occupier strength, ownership and occupation, spatial trends, and asset characteristics.

•  Asset Scoring
DealX asset scoring enables portfolio and comparable data to be segmented based on variable quality metrics.

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DealX DB, Property Data Redefined

Boost Your Market Intelligence and Underwriting Capacity

The DealX database is the powerhouse behind our service and can be used to search, filter and analyse details on millions of individual property records.

•  Coverage
Integrating, cleaning and visualising information from over 1,800 data-sets across 18 different countries.

•  Data
One platform analysing data from market transactions, asset characteristics, location based statistics, spatial analysis, and covenant strength in real-time.

•  Accuracy & Quality
The quality, accuracy and timeliness of our data is extremely important to us. All our data is meticulously checked against multiple sources and controlled for quality. In a world of big data, quality is essential.

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Covering 18 European Countries

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